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. you see those heavy downpours there across north carolina, extending up into virginia. that cluster of heavy rain on its way to us and so we're going to keep the flood threat going into the evening. 70s, rain still a flood watch through tomorrow morning. and again some of these downpours as they move in out of the south may be pretty heavy. much more on this and a look ahead towards next weekend, coming up. >>> long before the flood warnings and watches came into effect western high school in north baltimore was forced to close because of flooding in the school. workers arrived and found a few rooms damaged from the overnight rains. the damage was minor and they expect to have everything all cleaned up so school can resume tomorrow morning. >>> the other big story, the latest on the building collapse in west baltimore we told you about at 5:00. city rescue crews are still at the scene of druid hill avenue and laurens streets. around 3:30 this afternoon crews got a call a two-story building collapsed. police received initial reports that a woman bystander was standing near the buildi
carolina and virginia have declared a state of emergency. maryland's coastal areas are under a hurricane watch, and tonight don harrison is keeping a close eye on earl what's the mood like tonight. >> reporter: it's one of the biggest weekends of the summer there could be 300,000 people here. ocean city is a coastal town they are used to getting storms tropical depressions nor he's terse. there's a lot of sand behind me hopefully ocean city's beach can handle this. there's about 10 miles of beach in ocean city. the lifeguards are spread thin because a lot have gone home or back to school. so vacationers are looking for a little excitement from earl. >> we're not worried about it. we're excited about the hurricane. we don't get any in new york. >> reporter: well some people are excited about this. of course you know the beach gets up here and the surfers like it out here and we have maryland's spokesman their mayor, mayor rick meehan how is ocean city looking for this weekend. >> i think we're looking all things considered pretty good. it looks like the storm is going to pass a couple
drenched virginia earlier today as it moved the eastern seaboard. the outer bands that lashed north carolina with winds and heavy rains but the storm did not come close enough to do severe damage. don harrison joins us live. lacks like business as usual in ocean city other than the flooding behind you don. >> reporter: well, they are getting back to usual. you ocean city does have about 10 miles of beach. they have a long coastline. they have jet hes out here. sands dunes they put up some snow fences to take the sands from flowing around. they have done a lot. all this to get ready for earl. earl has provided quite an awesome display of the power of mother nature. >> there are waves out there cracking all over the beach here. >> reporter: many people take advantage of this situation. jet skyers get a ride for their life. the coast guard uses this as a time to train their men how to handle rough seas. some observers are impressed with the surf. >> it's the biggest waves ever seen. >> reporter: ocean city officials have closed the water to swimming, it is awful dangerous out here
in frederick, 79 to the east in cambridge, and 79 up in wilmington. culpepper virginia sitting at 80. dew point numbers are low. this is great stuff. take you out a little wider blue skies, sunshine, all across the region. pennsylvania right down through virginia, north carolina. one thing about the very low humidity and breezy conditions of course there is still that slightly enhanced fire risk across the state. that will hold up for another 24 hours. high pressure control. we are watching the developing storm well out to the west showers and storms already just north of st. louis this in missouri crossing into the lower midwest later tonight and that same system heads our way tomorrow evening. mabry us some clouds as early as midday tomorrow. but i think the chance of rain is going to hold off. here's our computer model 6:00. rush hour should be dry at least here in baltimore rain pushes into western maryland through the evening. chance for scattered showers through tomorrow night. doesn't look like particularly heavy rain there will be hopefully some showers we could use them. out in the tro
in the morning, nice rebound back into the 80s, lots of sunshine, culprit with that out through west virginia, there is a little bit of cloud cover but not much. we're looking good. across the entire east coast clear as a bell. we do have a couple of areas of high pressure, one over the tennessee valley, one probably the more influencing our weather at the moment is the one off of new england right here. causing a little bit of a south wind flow to develop, brings in that milder air and gets rid of that northerly breeze we had the last coupled days. dry and mild, the next couple days, gets warm earn beings wednesday evening cooler air will begin to funnel in again. we're going to go back and forth, getting to be that time of year where the air masses battle it out. few clouds tonight, end of the day tomorrow, more of those beautiful blue skies, postcard skies, deep blues, then into our tuesday and wednesday time frame, our next front hard to make it out here, begins to edge in wednesday morning, really want to ride the cool air until later in the afternoon, back into the mid-to upper 80s, qui
of the beaches, delaware, maryland, virginia, looking good weather wise after tomorrow but the surf will be up. 10-footers tomorrow and still 4 to 6-foot waves and dangerous rip currents saturday. probably not that safe of a swim as we get into saturday and labor day monday. much more on earl as it max its approach. our live team coverage continues from ocean city. don harrison likes to give us a better idea of how vacationers and residents are actually getting ready for whatever earl brings. sam? >> reporter: kelly, we're down here you know, when i started at 4:00 this morning it was 76 degrees, it got a little warmer throughout the day, now dropped down to about 74 degrees, so we're standing by to see what earl is gonna do. we're going in the labor day weekend. the city is taking all the precautions they can. when you come to a vacation town like this, as ai did, if you look around you get to see a lot of interesting people. the boardwalk looks like a normal city day. surfers learned that big sur have means better rides. little kids find that high waves make bubbles travel further. meet walt
the virginia tech shootings they came up with a comprehensive plan and that plan worked. >> part of that strategy is the sending text messages to hopkins employees that an incident has occurred, what that incident is, and giving them brief information on what to do. security forces responded to the location, they did -- they moved to protect the staff, the patients, and to isolate the suspect. and to hold their ground until the police department responded. >> reporter: now the doctor who is only identified as being a spinal surgeon, so far they say he was -- right after the shooting he was taken immediately to the emergency room pretty much down the hall there and treated for his injuries. he was put into surgery, his injuries were serious but they do expect him to survive. also inside, as you mentioned as well, the shooter, at first an alias was given for his name. he has been identified as paul warren revis of arlington, virginia. he was shot dead. his mother was also the woman that he believed -- that he shot and then he took his own life. it's been a very hectic day out here,
of the state bottom line eastern shore included in this as well as far western maryland northern virginia. along the immediate chesapeake bay these bluer shaded are also under a coastal flood advisory especially over the next couple approaching high tides in the overnight and first high tide on the day above average high tides. so that's the concern with the coastal low coming up out of the south. we're going to look for gust he winds tomorrow. not a lot of wind right now. in fact winds calm. temperatures 66. so cool evening, bjipartly clo and you really wouldn't think anything is up but it is. again it's going to take a couple more hours to get in here. just about a trace of an inch of rain most spots well south y& of baltimore nothing north of town. and again blue skies today quickly giving way to cloudy skies getting a little more ominous looking outs there late into the afternoon. as that storm makes its 8move. temperature wise 60s now humidity very high. air is almost saturated that's going to help fuel these showers and downpours as they come in overnight. satellite radar trend ch
. >>> students, faculty, and staff at the west virginia used the day of dialogue to raise awareness of domestic violence. it has come after yard was found dead in her off campus. love grew up -- >>> the joint commission has asked john hopkins hospital to review its security measures after the shotting of a distraught patients son. the joint commission says hopkins should consider installing metal detectors. they say it's difficult. >>> a concert gets under way to help the family of emily kerstetter. she's the teenager that was severely injured in the bombing uganda. all proceeds will go to emily's recovery. tickets are $10 per person. all you have to show up at our lady of perpetual help. >>> we are nine days away from komen maryland race for the cure. it's september for sunday. we will be live on the air to broadcast the event at sunday at 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m.. here's how you can register for the event go to our website at and then click on think pink. >>> dr. ben carson wants every child to have access to good bucks. with the help of proctor and gamble he opens up the raidin
was registered to carry a gun by the state of virginia and legally bought this type of very small handgun a couple of years ago, small enough to easily conceal if police say that was his intent. >> i don't know, we don't know yet if it was in his daily routine coming and visiting his mother that he always had that gun. was this an anomaly in his behavior, while police try to answer that question they investigate security practices. they intrude security officers with baltimore city police officers a partnership that commissioners said worked flawlessly on thursday allowing for the hurried but organized response. >> initial response to this the communications between the bpd and hopkins in particular hopkins security i'm going to bet on parallel. >> reporter: while both the hospital and police are proud of the reaction, prevention remains at issue as many are asking how he into the facility with the gun in the first place. there are 80 entrances serving 80,000 a week. metal detectors are unreasonable. quote, hospitals are as must remain places of hope and healing that are open to the pu
all across maryland, virginia, back through delaware, patterns going to stay quiet, our next disturbance will not get in here until late saturday. in the meantime it's a cool flow with high pressure keeping us nice and dry. beautiful weather pattern on the whole just a little too dry considering the dry weather the last few weeks. and out to west, nothing tomorrow, saturday looking like a partly cloudy, dry day for your plans too, but late saturday we are hopeful that this next system will bring us at least a couple of showers and if any luck, maybe some light rain. we get a quarter inch, 1/2" of rain, that would be ideal. and tropical storm igor still well offset, thousands of miles away off the african coast probably going to strengthen but too early to tell what the track of that storm will be. overnight 53, mostly clear, dry, cool breezy, tomorrow, dry, breezy, mild, 76, 2-degree guarantee, cooler tomorrow. and then tomorrow night 52 as we go quite cool overnight. your outlook for the weekend, nice weather saturday, saturday night into early sunday our best shot at much n
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11